Air India Travel Coupons and Deals

Non-Stop Air India Flights from India to Toronto

  1. Book non-stop flights from India to Toronto.
  2. No coupon code needed.

Daily Non-Stop Flights from Mumbai to Colombo

  1. Book daily non-stop flights from Mumbai to Colombo.
  2. No coupon code needed.

Fly with Air India and Enjoy 10kg Extra Baggage Allowance

  1. Get 10kg extra baggage allowance on Air India domestic flights.
  2. Air India offers 25kg baggage allowance which is 1okg more than other carriers.
  3. No coupon code needed.

Join Premium Clubs to get Various Benefits

  1. Join any one of the Premium Clubs on offer to get a wide range of benefits and discounts.

Fly for Sure: One Time Flight Change on the Same Day for Rs. 2000

  1. Avail the facility to change your flight once on the same day for a nominal fee of Rs. 2000.


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